Saturday, January 10, 2015

Book 14: Helen

"There was nothing left for me in Ithaca any longer. Not that it mattered, in view of the news that Athena brought... The "gods" were leaving! Why? She didn't specify, just saying, rather vaguely, that the reason for their prolonged stay on Earth had ceased to exist. They were going back home, she said. For good. Where was this "home"? She just smiled at the question and pointed skyward.
She wanted me to go along with them –again without giving me a reason, not that I needed one... Being with her was all I cared about.
But, before that... there was one more thing she wanted me to do. We had to go to... Sparta!
Sparta! Where Helen lived!"

This is the last chapter of Odysseus narrative... unless of course Dr Kalinikos Erevan comes up with some new fascinating findings...

To download the comic book and save it on the hard disk there are two options. A pdf format file, which can be opened with Adobe Reader or any other reader capable of opening pdf files and an epub format for easy viewing with the ipad --or with any reader capable of reading epub files.

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